Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Garage Door Opener Repair in DC Metro

When dealing with a garage door, there are common issues and uncommon issues that will surprise you as the owner or a garage door service professional. Even though some of the issues can be easily fixed by the owner, there are also many reasons why you should contact Capital Garage Works to tackle garage door opener repair in DC Metro. To help troubleshoot garage door issue, here are some of the problems that can affect your garage door.

Something is blocking the door
Garage Door Opener Repair in DC Metro 
Garage doors are designed with reversing mechanism to prevent them from crushing objects, if your garage door does not completely close or close partly then goes back up, there might be an object blocking its way. Build up debris, small rocks, mud builds up or gum can prevent the rollers from moving forward. If there is any object in the way, it will go back to avoid crushing it.

The track is not properly aligned
Proper alignment can be a serious issue. The metal track needs to be properly aligned in order for the door to move. If they are bends in the rail or a gap between the roller and the rail, it will cause a big problem since your door won’t close or function properly. 

Something might be wrong with the transmitters
If your transmitter is not working properly, your garage door won’t work properly either. There are several factors that can cause your transmitter to fail. The most common one is simply being out of range of the door. Garage doors have a special range they function in, you need to know the range your garage door function in to operate properly or easily. If your transmitter is not responding contact a professional to fix it and get you door working again.

The springs are broken
If you are sure the transmitters are working properly, but your garage door won’t go up, the torsion springs might be broken. The garage door comes with one or two torsion heavy duty torsion springs. When they break or have problems, your garage door might fail to operate properly or completely fail to operate. If the spring break, only a professional can handle it as it is too dangerous to try it on your own.

There are many other reasons why your door wants work properly, but the solution is seeking the help of our professional garage door opener repair in DC Metro to avoid further damage and injury.

To learn more about us at Capital Garage Works or for more information on garage door opener repair in DC Metro, please call us at 202-999-3052. One of our garage door repair experts will be ready to speak to you. 

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