Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Commercial Garage Doors in Maryland

Commercial garage dооrѕ hаvе a wider variety of applications than residential garage doors. Commercial garage doors must be versatile enough to handle the heavy demands of a commercial environment be it a warehouse, fire station, postal office, auto repair shop, etc. The various purposes for commercial garage doors require that they are made in different sizes and from different types of materials than residential garage doors. 
Commercial Garage Doors in Maryland

Are you interested in getting commercial garage doors in Maryland? Our expert staff at Capital Garage Works can assist you today!

At Capital Garage Works, we have provided commercial garage doors for many satisfied clients in Maryland for over 15 years. Each of our соmmеrсіаl garage dооrs are built with a ѕресіfіс purpose, making them a highly specialized product that suits the needs of your business. 

When choosing commercial garage doors, there are plenty оf factors tо kеер іn mind ѕuсh аѕ material, insulation, thickness, opening mесhаnіѕms, the inclusion of windows, location and сlеаrаnсе. Unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors are held to a much higher standard to ensure continuous and safe operations in a commercial environment. 

Our commercial garage dооrѕ can include heavy-duty locks for security and can be configured into your building's security system rather easily. Our doors are also secure and соmрlу with OSHA requirements and lосаl codes. We offer a variety of commercial garage doors in Maryland including Sectional Aluminum doors, Sectional Doors, Rolling Steel Doors, Rolling Sheet Doors and more. 

Our Aluminum doors come in an assortment of patterns with windows to allow more light and visibility, which makes them perfect for internal partitions as well as merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Our Sectional doors are composed of several steel panels hinged together, they also have multiple gauge and insulation options that contribute to their security and climate control abilities. Lastly, our Rolling Steel doors are corrugated with strips of steel that аllоw them tо bе rolled uр overhead. The corrugations also give them strength to withstand impacts. 

Our commercial gаrаgе doors in Maryland аrе built strongly to mееt with hаrѕh and intensive demands оf your business environment. We also provide a free garage door quote that can meet the needs of your budget.  

To schedule an installation for commercial garage doors in Maryland or inquire about our other services at Capital Garage Works, contact us at (888) 339-3059.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Garage Door Repair in Maryland

A working garage door is critical for both homes and businesses. Your garage is where you store your vehicles and it has accessibility to your living space or business floor. Once it stops working correctly, it's time to get a professional garage door repair in Maryland.
To get prompt and efficient garage door repair in Maryland, you need to consult with a qualified expert garage repair technician. Capital Garage Works can assist you with your garage door repair service today. We are a reliable garage company that has provided 14 years of exceptional garage door repairs.

Garage Door Repair in Maryland
Our certified and licensed garage professionals are trained and knowledgeable about repairs for  garage door a wide array of shapes, sizes and weights. 

If you notice your garage door with problems such as:
  • Broken Springs
  • Broken Rollers
  • Tracks are out of alignment
  • Tattered cables
Call our professional staff at Capital Garage Works. Once your garage door stops working completely, it can become a problem for your home or business and disrupt your daily schedule. Our garage professionals can inspect your garage door's issue and get right to work with the proper repairs.

We at Capital Garage Works have serviced a variety of other garage door repairs such as:
We work hard to give you the garage door repair you deserve. The second we arrive at your home or business, we get right to work assessing your problem and beginning repairs.

We offer 24/7 repair services. There is no reason to wait. Get a garage door repair today.

To learn more about our Garage Door Repair in Maryland or inquire more about our other services at Capital Garage Works, contact us at (888) 339-3059.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Garage Door Repair in Virginia

A working garage door is of utmost importance, although, it’s usually taken for granted until it stops working. Once this happens, it's time to get a garage door repair in Virginia. If you want experienced and skilled garage door repairs, contact our professionals at Capital Garage Works.

Garage Door Repair in Virginia
Each time a garage door breaks down, it's imperative that you acknowledge the importance of your garage door repair needs. Capital Garage Works has provided efficient garage door repair in Virginia for 14 years. Fixing a garage door can be problematic depending on the issue that has presented itself. Whether it be a faulty opener, the tracks are off or others. 

Here are a couple advantages of hiring Capital Garage Works for your garage door repair in Virginia:


Garage doors are quite heavy, hence the reason why it operates on openers with tracks and springs. Due to their size and weight, they pose a serious threat to anyone trapped underneath a closing or falling door. Although they are convenient, they can be dangerous in the wrong scenario. Choosing to repair your garage door yourself is not an ideal thought. There are numerous things that can go wrong. Capital Garage Works' garage experts are trained to repair and handle all garage door types by all sizes, weights and shapes. 


Repairing a garage door also boils down to one's extensive knowledge. How conversant are you with the type of door? What procedures needs to be implemented when the opener is not functioning? These are just some of the many questions that come into play. Capital Garage Works' garage experts have the knowledge of all garage door types and what repairs need to go into them. We have many years of experience conducting various garage door repair in Virginia. 


Entrusting Capital Garage Works with your garage door repair in Virginia will be beneficial for you. We are available 24/7 for all repair services. We provide garage door repairs for both commercial and residential areas. Our qualified and expert staff will provide you an affordable, precise and effective garage door repairs.  

Don't stress about costs. We can give you a free garage door estimate that fits your budget demands. 

If you would like more information about our Garage Door Repair in Virginia or want to know more about our various services at Capital Garage Works, contact us at (703) 997-6212.

Capital Garage Works - Your trusted Garage Door Repair in Virginia experts.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Garage Door Repair in Washington DC

If you can't get out of the garage in the morning, you can't get started with your day. If you notice something amiss about your garage doors, then it's time to get a garage door repair in Washington DC. If want a prompt, reliable garage door repair in Washington DC, contact our professionals at Capital Garage Works.

Garage Door Repair in Washington DC
A broken garage door can be a headache for homeowners. You want to be sure that your cars and stowed away and your belongings are safe. Capital Garage Works' skilled professionals can perform the garage door repair you garage needs. Capital Garage Works services all types of garage door repairs including:
Whenever you need a garage door repair in Washington DC, night or day, we can perform it for you with our 24/7 emergency service. It doesn't matter if you are within a commercial or residential location. If you have a broken garage door, Capital Garage Works' garage experts will be there to resolve the problem.

Capital Garage Works can give you a free garage estimate before we do the work so you can fit it into your budget.  

We have been successfully repairing garage doors throughout the Washington DC Metro Area for many years. If you are in need of a garage door repair in Washington DC, call our experts at Capital Garage Works at (888) 339-3059.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Garage Door Repair in Fairfax, Va.

When you need garage door repair in Fairfax, Va., you need help quickly. Whether the garage is at home or at your place a business, a broken garage door can prevent you from coming and going and slow everything to a crawl. But while you need help fast, you shouldn't trust just anyone to handle your garage door repair in Fairfax, Va. Here are a few points to consider before deciding who to call. 

Do a quick online search or ask friends 

Everything is available on the internet, use it to your advantage as much as possible. If you are confused about a few companies, just read a bunch of comments and reviews, it will definitely make the choice a bit easier for you. For example, we at Capital Garage Works are well-reviewed on Google.  You can filter according to location, price, and availability, too.  If the internet doesn’t satisfy you, ask some of your friends and family who have recently had their garage door repaired. Local referrals can help.

Availability and proximity

Garage Door Repair in Fairfax, Va.
A garage door repair company should be able to get to your home or business in Fairfax, Va. within hours of you contacting them. So whichever companies you have narrowed down to, give them a call and ask them an approximate time of when they will be arriving.  You cannot leave your home or business unattended and it will affect your schedule. So the quicker the service, the better it is for you. So try going to a nearby shop if it is a reputed one as they will not take too much time and it will be all the more convenient for you. Capital Garage Works offers 24 hours service in Fairfax County and performs Garage Door Repair in Fairfax, Va. and the rest of the DC Metro Area quickly and reliably.
There should be transparency

A good company will give you an estimate of the amount you will have to spend at the repair. You don’t want to be surprised looking at the bill later thinking you have been overcharged. Unfortunately, there is a fraud and overcharging problem in the garage repair industry.  You need to know who you are dealing with. This is why Capital Garage Works brands all of its vehicles and has uniforms for all of our garage door technicians. We even have a garage door showroom you can visit so that you know exactly who you are dealing with before you make the all important repair call. 

For 24 hour emergency garage door repair in Fairfax, Va., call Capital Garage Works at (888)339-3059.

Capital Garage Works - Nothing but the best for your Garage Door Repair in Fairfax, Va. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Garage Door Repair Near Me

The garage door is as important as the main door to the house. In fact, most homes have the garage attached to the main house, and owners get into the house through a door that connects the main house to the garage after parking their vehicles. There you should ensure that the garage door is secure and works right. If there is a problem with it, seek professional assistance from Capital Garage Works to determine from if it is repairable or needs replacement. For garage door repair near me, you can count on us.

Garage Door Repair Near Me
Though you can check for the signs of damage on the door on your own, it is important to have routine maintenance and checkups by a professional door installation company such as us at Capital Garage Works. It saves you from the cost associated with having to replace the door or some parts when they are too damaged to be repaired. 

Common Garage Door Problems
The door won’t open or close properly 
There are some reasons why the door may not close or open properly. They include; 

Opener problems 
The opener is the most common part that gets damaged. With most doors having a sensor, the opener illuminates when closing or opening. If it does not do so, it requires checking. 

Obstruction of the sensor 
Garage Door Repair Near Me
The sensors are made in such away y that they detect the presence of a foreign body in the way and stop closing. The first thing that is checked on sensors that are not working is the presence of items in the path of the sensors. 

Obstruction of the wheel tracks 
The wheel track may get warped, or small things such as stones get into the track. You can remove the stones in the track. However, seek help to straighten the track.  

Uneven movement of the door

Spring issues 
 The spring exerts the necessary force to pull the door back to its original position. Roll-up garage doors have a torsion spring that is centrally positioned. This spring has high tension and should only be repaired by our professionals.

Quick falling back of the door 
If your garage door falls back very quickly or seems to bounce around when you are using it, there might be broken cables or chains that need to be restored. They are inexpensive and can be installed by our professionals in a few minutes. 

You can also have the garage door replaced, replacement of rollers and hinges depending on the type of garage you have. At Capital Garage Works we are equipped to replace, install and repair all kinds of garage doors. 

To learn more about garage door repair near me, feel free to call us today at 202-999-3052. One of our garage door repair experts will be ready to speak to you. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Garage Door Services in DC Metro

If you have an expensive and high-tech garage opener at home, you should regularly check and ensure the door is well serviced and managed to avoid repairs or replacements outside your budget. Since garage gate openers are used almost every day, wear and tear to the equipment also cannot be avoided. The inconvenience of being stuck outside the garage can be avoided if you keep the garage gate in top-notch condition. However, the best way to stay out of garage door troubles is to require the help of professional our garage door services in DC Metro to do a regular check and balances on your garage door. 

Precautions before you start
Garage Door Services in DC Metro 
Remember that your family and safety come first. The big size of the garage door is one important thing you need to consider if at all you need to attempt a repair on your own; so, do not try to carry out the garage door service yourself. Parts like the springs and panels are more dangerous parts when damaged. Thus, do not attempt a repair if you are not a professional. Make sure you call a professional from Capital Garage Works if you need to fix any problem on your garage door. 

A regular maintenance routine
Check and ascertain the balance of the garage door and make sure that they do not need adjustment. They should be aligned in the right way, to avoid any untoward accidents. You should also run the reversal checks on the doors to check that it reverses correctly. Check the various garage door parts such as the springs, tracks and rollers and see a wear and tear has occurred. Do this at least once every month to be on the safe side.

If the cables show any signs of becoming frayed, you should call our garage gate service and we'll change them immediately, as this can lead to serious injuries later on. We will check for any loose hardware in the door system and make sure every loose screw is tightened and all small broken parts replaced.

Cleaning and lubrication of various parts are important components that our garage door service professionals provide. They will make sure the rollers are kept clean and any hardened dirt and grease are tracked to ensure a smooth working of the garage door. 

For modern garage doors with sensors, getting our regular garage door services can prevent your garage doors from shutting down without notice and ensure it proper working condition.

Finally, we'll need to check the remote control, weather strip under the garage door and make sure they are in a good working condition. These are basic things that will also be carried out when we are performing garage door service at your home. Leave nothing to chance - make sure that you and your family are safe from any damage heavy garage doors pose to users.

Your safest bet is to request for the service of professional garage door service providers to help fix any perceived or visible problem as well as regular maintenance of your garage door. To learn more about our garage door services in DC Metro or for more information about us at Capital Garage Works, please call us at 202-999-3052. One of our garage door repair experts will be happy to speak to you.