Friday, April 6, 2018

Composite Garage Doors

                                COMPOSITE GARAGE DOORS

Are you in search of a garage door that looks like wood, has the strength of steel and requires little maintenance? If so, then a composite garage door could be the perfect fit for you! Composite garage doors are produced as a result of a mixture of innovative design with unsurpassed technology. Composite garage doors are a perfect choice for homeowners looking for elegance, beauty and a durable garage door that requires little to no maintenance. When looking to install a composite garage door, be sure that it has the following qualities:

1 . Energy Efficient

By opting for an energy efficient garage door, you are not only saving energy but also saving money on your heating and air conditioning bills. An eco-friendly garage door is insulated which keeps heat and air conditioning from slipping through the cracks of the garage door.

2 . Durable

All materials of a composite garage door are made from the same plant to give it an even more durable exterior. The trim boards do not crack, split or dent under normal conditions. Composite garage doors have the functionality, beauty and durability you desire.

3 . Strong

Each and every inch of the surface of a composite garage door is bonded with water resistant catalyzed glue to give these doors strong structural support.

4 . Engineered Skin

Thermoset melamine resins combined with refined cellulose fibers create an exterior door skin that is virtually impervious to moisture, cracking, rotting, sub-zero freezing, desert heat and the damaging effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
In addition to the features of a perfect composite garage door, the garage door can be designed to come with a multi motif panel with numerous window options for families and homeowners that prefer the traditional series. Window options range from the short panel windows to long panel windows with window inserts such as cascade long panels, sherwood long panels, cascade short panels, stockton long panels 10-Lite, cathedral short panels, stockton long panels 4-Lite and stockton short panels are designs provided in the traditional series.
In recent years, architects have come to realize  the importance of garage doors that gives a statement or adds beauty to the architectural design of houses. Composite garage doors come in a number of different designs that can suit your home. They are firm and require less management or maintenance unlike other types of garage doors. Composite garage doors are an excellent pick for families raising children. 

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