Thursday, December 21, 2017

Garage Door Openers in Virginia

Since garage doors are so often overlooked it's not a surprise to find that garage door openers in Virginia are almost completely forgotten about until you find yourself with one that doesn't work at all. Capital Garage Works knows that in some homes the garage is the most convenient entryway. What if it doesn’t open? Well, you’re in real trouble then. Even if yours is still working fine, there are plenty of good reasons to consider replacing your garage door opener in Virginia. Here are some primary things to consider when deciding if you should get your garage door opener replaced.

The Photo Eye:
This is a safety feature on your garage door that is designed to prevent it from closing when something is in the path of the door. One laser sends a beam to the other sensor and if anything interrupts that sensor then it will prevent the door from closing all the way. 

Remote Sensor:
There is an antenna on the motor, if it is blocked or has been damaged the signal will be blocked. The antenna should be hanging down from the motor in order to best receive the signal from the remote.

Remote Sync:
Sometimes remotes get out of sync with the opener and needs to be reprogrammed in order to work with your garage door. This can be done by using the large brightly colored square on your remote called the learn button.

Older garage door openers generally use fixed codes, so someone with a special device could technically sit outside, find the code, and open the garage door without you even knowing it. New garage door openers have rolling codes, which means the codes are changed every time the unit is opened or closed. 

As a general rule, if your garage door is more than 10 years old, chances are it's out of date and should be replaced. Sometimes replacing your garage door opener will save you the headache of having to entirely replace the door itself. If you find yourself having trouble with your garage door or your garage door opener in Virginia, call Capital Garage Works to see what we can do for you!

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